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Our 4-Step Process

Whatever the starting point, we’re here to work with you,
solve your problems, and try and craft some of your vision into reality

Step #1

Budget and time frame are important, but let’s start with coffee... 

We can’t do our job until we clearly understand what your dreams for your home are.  That’s why we prefer to start with a simple sit down over coffee for you to tell us what you’re looking for.  Some people have a clear picture in their heads, some have a dream they can’t quite explain, and others simply have a list of what doesn’t work for their lives right now.  

Step #2

Timeframe and budget

Once we’ve compiled a list of what you’re hoping to accomplish through this renovation or build, we’ll get around to talking about the tough stuff: budget and timeframe.  Right from the outset, we want to make sure what you want is doable, or figure out an alternative that fits better. For new builds, additions, and complex renovations construction plans are needed.  We work closely with some very trusted draftsmen that can conceptualize what you’ve been dreaming of on paper. 


People are often nervous about hiring someone they don’t know.  That makes perfect sense, we feel the same way.

We guarantee you’ll feel comfortable around our employees and our trusted sub trades.  If you’re renovating, we’ll introduce you to the people that will be working on your house, and make sure everyone’s aware of how life goes on in the midst of renovations (kids, dog, etc.)

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If we’re building new for you we’re happy to meet at your new house and walk through as often as decisions need to be made, questions come up, or you just need to rekindle your excitement as the next stage starts!

Step #3


Once construction is underway it’s time to go shopping! We have an extensive list of excellent suppliers for you to choose your products and finishes from.  We’ll be there as often as you need or wish, happy to lend a suggestion where necessary.  And if you’re just not sure what to pick, we can always bring in some help in designing just what you’re envisioning in your head


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We take great pride in our honesty as a company, so we can guarantee you that unless something drastic changes we’ll be done when we say we will.  As we reach the finish line you’ll find us regularly walking through your house making notes, taking pictures, and probably talking or texting with everyone we need to make sure that everything gets done to the standard we have come to expect of ourselves.  Inevitably we’ll also be so excited about the custom details you’ve chosen for your home that we need to document them for future reference as well!

Step #4

That's it!

Once move in day comes, we’ll make sure to do a thorough walkthrough with you to ensure that we’re all on the same page about how the job finished up.  Hopefully we can enjoy one last cup of coffee or a quick toast to your new home, and then we’ll be off and allow you to settle in as you will.  We’ll check back in periodically to see how things are going and if there’s anything that needs to be fixed or patched after you’ve moved in (couches make a lot of dents you know!).

And that’s it! The exciting stuff is your job, the rest is on us.